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Spring 2017

I am always wandering around with my camera, typically with the dog in tow, killing two birds with one stone as it were.

The local area of Itchenor, Dell Quay, West Wittering and my local beach at Bracklesham really come alive when spring begins to set in, so I thought I would share some of my adventures with you:

The above photo was taken on a a sunny Saturday in February when I walked between Chichester Marina and Dell Quay. The sun was just setting over west wittering through the long grass.

On the way back from taking the sea grass photo, I found myself in the perfect spot for what are possibly the most beautiful post sunset colours I have seen. The Purple Hour.

This photograph was taken in early March on a sunny day in West Wittering. What you can't see if that I am wearing jeans, a jumper , a jacket and a beanie. Not quite as warm as it looks but still pretty glorious.

This was taken at Dell Quay on the last day of March. A beautiful sunset perfectly back lite this photo. I really like how the colours blur the background. As you can imagine, I did actually wear shorts this day (just).

I had to go to work in London for meetings in early April, so I thought I would chuck my camera in just in case. Walking from one meeting to another along the Thames I saw this and instantly had to take a quick photo. The pleasant part of London with St Paul's overlooking a very still River Thames, buses passing on the bridge ona sunny London day.

To finish off spring, here is a sunrise on my local beach in Bracklesham Bay. I dont think it needs any further words..

Exciting times ahead @ Mark Robbins Photography this month! On the 11th April Sussex Style magazine is out with a few of my local photos in across 3 pages.

On the 22nd we are going to be at Drapers Yard in Chichester.

I Hope you enjoyed Spring as much as me!

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