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My Week In Pictures 8th Aug - 14th

I wanted to start to document my weeks in pictures. Typically, I take my camera out once a day normally with the dog unless there is something in particular that I want to take some pictures of. However, a lot of the dog walks are based around something that looks good to photograph..

So I start this week’s pictures with the end of the week before. I travelled to Fishbourne just outside Chichester in West Sussex not far from me. I walked from Fishbourne Church through the fields of crops and to the harbour at Dell Quay.y.

Here are a few of my favourites..

I then visited Chichester Marina on a mid week evening just around sunset. I couldn't help myself but to take quite a few photos as you do.. Here are a few of the better ones:

I finshed the week off by taking the Friday off to do some decking in the garden :

And topped off by a weekend walk on the beach and then in the woods with Bob..

I hope you enjoyed this and I will try to do one every week ish..

Thanks Mark

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