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Hello and Welcome to Mark Robbins Photography.

I am Mark Robbins a local Sussex based photographer. I have been interested in photography for some time now and started out shooting with a Canon 1100 d a few years ago. I have been constantly reading books and playing around with the settings on my camera. I upgraded to a 7 d last year and started to build out my lens collection. I now have a Canon 5d Mkii and a selection of different lens for different types of photography.

Living in Sussex, I am really interested in so many different types of photography from the beautiful beaches and landscapes we have to going out with my macro and capturing wildlife. I am often out with my dog Bob (who has her own page here) and a 50mm lens just having a play.

I have been a second photographer on a few family shoots as well as well as doing some myself. I have lots of shots from the local area available to buy digitally or on print.

I will be updating this blog with projects I get involved with as well trips out that have lead to interesting shots.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Thanks Mark

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