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MIND Project

A friend of mine Natalie Miller organised a great event for the MIND charity. For those of you who dont know what MIND is:

MIND provide advse and support for people with mental health problems. They actively campaign to raise awareness and promote the understanding. Their goal is to make sure everyone with mental health issues has the correct support and advise.

You can find moer infoamtion out about them here.

So the project...

8 Photographers

1 model

1 brief

& 100's of creative ideas

"Exploring how different minds work"

It all happened on the 5th of July 2016 at the Hennings Wine Merchants in Chichester, West Sussex. Every photographer had a differnt style and for me personally I was a little out of my comfort zone. I had not done to much work with a model. I was worried about getting the lighting right as the venue was so beautiful. There were 3 big windows on the floor I was on as well as multiple props. The sun was coming right through one creating some excellent shadows.

The photo above was my favourite that I took that day. I liked the dark shadows and the black and white effect.

A few others I took:

Make sure you check out Natalie Miller Photography on Facebook tosee what everyone else captured.

It was a great day and there may well be an exhibition to follow so watch this space...

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